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Phishing for the big phish in United Kingdom’s plentiful waters

by Ólöf Kristjánsdóttir

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In 2014, the phishing URLs tracked by CYREN increased dramatically, rising 233% from the previous year. Why did this number increase? One reason is the potential for monetary gain. Cyber criminals use phishing attacks to steal personally sensitive and identifiable information from users. Sometimes this is to gain access to your online bank and transfer money directly to their own accounts. Often though, they will sell the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the black market where it will accrue almost ten times more value than credit card information.

New Tricks of Macro Malware

by Lordian Mosuela

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In the past few months, we have noticed a rise in spam emails that have an attachment of ".DOC" extension filename but actually is a ".MHT" file. This trending trick  seems to be a new way to spread macro malware. A file with ".MHT" extension is a Web page archive format which saves images, text and objects from the original word document into a single file. You can convert a ".DOC" or a Word Document file into a ".MHT" or a single file Web page using Microsoft Word 2007. 

Lessons Learned from the Slack & Hipchat Breaches

by Avi Turiel

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In late March Slack confirmed they had suffered a security breach where “there was unauthorized access to a Slack database storing user profile information”. Slack is a recently launched team collaboration tool that offers organizations a way to simplify communications, file-sharing, project management and more. Organizations sign up their employees who then collaborate in open, searchable groups.

Analyzing an Outlook phishing attack

by Erwin Balunsat

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It is in my routine to read emails before starting my daily work while enjoying my cup of coffee. While browsing for important emails I need to separate spam emails from legitimate emails and analyze the spam emails. I was trying to sort out the spam emails when I came across an odd email

Q1 Cyber Threats Report: Rapidly growing volume of Web security traffic reveals new threat trends

by Lior Kohavi

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The regular cadence of high-profile security breaches that we saw during 2014 continued into 2015, with health insurance giant Anthem providing the latest entry in a growing list of major corporate victims. We will not review the Anthem breach in this report as it has already been covered extensively in many other places, but CYREN does believe that this attack is important because it represents a shift in targeting by cyber criminals.