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Old-New Macro malware meets Old-New “missed courier delivery” Trick

by Rommel Ramos

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We have covered the resurgence of macro malware at length in our Security Yearbook.  Recap – after an absence of around 10-15 years macro malware returned with a vengeance in the last 2 months of 2014.  This time the new-old malware is paired with a favorite of the email malware crowd – the courier delivery letter.  The text is well known – you have received a package; the tracking slip is attached; you just HAVE TO open the attachment because you missed the package (what could it have been???)

Big Breaches Made The Headlines in 2014 - But The Real Threat Lies Elsewhere

by Lior Kohavi

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Looking back on 2014, it has been an incredibly dynamic year in the world of cyberthreats. It takes only two names to sum up the impact the cybercriminal had on the 2014 headlines: Home Depot and Sony. The Home Depot breach yielded about 110 million stolen pieces of sensitive information, including social security numbers and email addresses. And, in a classic case of hacktivism, Sony lost more than just emails and employee social security numbers; it suffered significant brand damage.

Reconnaissance Macro Malware

by Maharlito Aquino

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We reported in our 2015 Cyber Threats Yearbook about the return of macro malware in today’s threat landscape, as we have observed malicious documents being used to deliver further malware into the system by either dropping or downloading from compromised sites. 

We recently acquired a malicious document, which does not only act as a vessel for other malware but also packs a bunch of information stealing functions within it. CYREN detects this malicious document as W97M/Infosteal.A.gen.

CYREN 2015 Cyber Threats Yearbook: Stats, Cyber Analysis and Prediction for 2015

by Avi Turiel

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Our 2015 Cyber Threats Yearbook has just been released!  Introduced by CTO Lior Kohavi, the comprehensive report analyzes many of last year's most notable cybercrime trends as collected by the CYREN’s GlobalView Cloud which monitors 17 billion transactions each day to protect more than 600 million users.   

Gazon SMS Trojan targets Android users by promising Amazon gift cards

by Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

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Gazon is a malware targeting Android phones that sends multiple SMS text messages to every contact in the victim’s phone book. After opening the malware on the Android device the victim is told that he has won an Amazon gift card for $200. To redeem the gift card the victim is asked to take a quick survey. By clicking the survey button the malware author gets money from advertisement in the application while in the background the malware sends an SMS text message to every contact in the victim’s phone book.