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Malicious Google Chrome extension spreads nude celebrity pdf's to Facebook

by Magni Reynir Sigurðsson

Filed under Malware Analysis, Web Security.

A researcher at Cyren has found that a malicious Google Chrome extension is spreading nude celebrity PDFs to Facebook groups. A user is uploading a PDF document to groups with the name:


Why your email isn't as secure as you think it is

by Dan Maier

Filed under Anti-Malware, Phishing, Ransomware.

Recent headlines are chock-full of reports of email phishing attacks by cybercriminals who outwit employees to obtain sensitive personal data and financial information. Under the guise of recognized web payment and productivity tool requests, hackers lure potential victims into clicking on fake email links that are designed to steal credentials or download ransomware.

HTTPS is now over 50% of internet traffic - are we safer?

by Dan Maier

Filed under Anti-Malware, Web Security.

After years of calling for “HTTPS Everywhere” on the web and encouraging websites to use HTTPS by default, Google officials say the effort has begun to pay off. New data released at the end of October 2016 shows that more than 50% of all pages loaded by the Chrome browser are now served over HTTPS.

(IN)Secure Magazine: Hyper-Evasive Threats are Killing Sandboxing

by John Callon

A new generation of hyper-evasive malware is defeating legacy sandboxing technology and driving new security countermeasures underpinned by the elastic processing capacity of the cloud, as Cyren's VP of Threat Research explains in an article in the September issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine.

In the article, Sigurdur Stefnisson reviews the evolution of threats from basic malware to....

Windows Media Player DRM Used for Malware (Again..)

by Avi Turiel

Movie and TV watchers who download pirated content have long been warned of the potential for malware that might somehow accompany the chosen media.  Now use is again being made of Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality – designed to prevent piracy – to distribute malware....