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(IN)Secure Magazine: Hyper-Evasive Threats are Killing Sandboxing

by John Callon

A new generation of hyper-evasive malware is defeating legacy sandboxing technology and driving new security countermeasures underpinned by the elastic processing capacity of the cloud, as Cyren's VP of Threat Research explains in an article in the September issue of (IN)SECURE Magazine.

In the article, Sigurdur Stefnisson reviews the evolution of threats from basic malware to....

Windows Media Player DRM Used for Malware (Again..)

by Avi Turiel

Movie and TV watchers who download pirated content have long been warned of the potential for malware that might somehow accompany the chosen media.  Now use is again being made of Digital Rights Management (DRM) functionality – designed to prevent piracy – to distribute malware....

Locky Adds New File Format and Attacks UK

by Maharlito Aquino

Filed under Malware Analysis, Ransomware.

New Locky email spam detected by Cyren today — September 1, 2016 — appears to be targeting the UK with the Locky downloader script component in a new file format, as HTML applications or HTA files. 

Locky Morphs Again: Now Delivered as DLL

by Maharlito Aquino

Filed under Malware Analysis, Ransomware.

We are now seeing a new wave of Locky which has yet again updated its delivery mechanism, by adding another layer of obfuscation to its downloader script, which Cyren detects as JS/Locky.AT!Eldorado.

New Cyberthreat Report: A Deep Dive on Phishing

by Lior Kohavi

Filed under Phishing, Security Research & Analysis.

A recent Osterman Research survey conducted on behalf of Cyren found phishing to be the top threat category for small- to medium-sized businesses (up to 3,000 employees), with 43% suffering a phishing breach in the last 12 months. ...