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Bartallex special delivery: Fareit and Vawtrak

by Erwin Balunsat

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Earlier this year we have witnessed several enterprises being targetted by Bartallex by sending spam emails. It uses Microsoft Word document and employs social engineering technique to trick enterprise users to open and execute the embedded macro code in the document. When enabled, the macro code downloads and executes banking malware Dridex, a password-stealing trojan that targets banks and other financial institution.

Rise of Malicious Resumes in the Fall Hiring Season

by Maharlito Aquino

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Summer is finally over and it’s time for employers to refocus and take advantage of the remaining budget for the year to get new recruits in before the holiday season starts. Essentially, Fall season is the time when people like fresh college graduates come into the market looking for new jobs. Apparently, cyber criminals also take advantage of this season to blend in with the bulk of applicants that send in their applications and resumes.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate used for PayPal Phishing

by Þröstur Thorarensen

Filed under Email Security, Phishing, Web Security.

As users become more aware of phishing and data theft, they become more cautious. Unfortunately as users become more cautious, attackers must become more devious. In a recent discovery, we found a phishing website  that had been issued a valid SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates are small data files that activate the HTTPS protocol and allows secure connections between a web browser and a web server. Most users don’t realize that there are actually different levels of security when it comes to SSL certificates.

Q2 Cyber Threats Report: The Enterprise Under Attack

by Lior Kohavi

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While high-profile data breaches may have declined in frequency during the quarter, they most
definitely rose in impact. The fallout from the US Government Office of Personnel Management
(OPM) data breaches continues to be felt, the latest example of which being that GSA has placed
contracts for post-breach protection for the 22 million people affected. The impact of these
breaches can be expected to last a long time; some experts suggest that the remediation process
for the OPM breaches could take anywhere up to 40 years to complete.

Is Monday the Worst Security Day of the Week?

by Chris Taylor

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In a recent conversation with the person owning information security at an enterprise account – let’s call him “Steve”, I heard an interesting story.  In general, he feels that they handle security pretty well, but he detailed one challenge that I felt was worth sharing.